UNIMA Australia respects your right to privacy.

In order to fulfill our services to our members, we do collect a certain amount of information. Through our online and hard copy application forms, we will ask you to submit information including: your phone number/s, email address, and postal address. Information is used solely to update you on current UNIMA Australia news, send you copies of our magazine, send you renewal notices for and/or collect membership dues. (Please  make sure that you check your spam or junk mail settings)

This information can be updated at any time by contacting UNIMA Australia.

Payment for membership dues, or for donations to UNIMA Australia, can be made via cheque, money order, direct deposit or via Paypal. If using the last option, we highly recommend you research Paypal’s privacy policies; although you may use credit cards with Paypal, we do not collect or receive any information provided about your credit card details.

If the UNIMA Australia member makes use of the online profile given on this site, that member is solely responsible for making public any information, images, or other data related to themselves, their company, or their activities. No warranty is given that the information will not be lost, interrupted during transfer or breached, though we make every effort to ensure this site remains secure.

Any person using the UNIMA Australia website may have ‘cookies’ (stored bites of information that most websites use to improve your visit) placed on your browser and read via our own site and third-party services, such as web statistics collectors, ad services, blog commenting, and the login/logout function for members. You may disable collection and use of cookies by following the instructions here.

We do not share your information with any outside party or affiliate, except where specified above.

We do not endorse or have affiliation with any external links, websites, companies, individuals, except UNIMA. UNIMA Australia is not responsible for the information provided or the views expressed by members using this site, nor does it necessarily endorse the information or views by providing public webspace where members may publish this information. Content posted on this site, including text, images, links or files, are wholly the responsibility of the person posting the information. Material published on this website remains the intellectual property of the originator and copyright holder. By choosing to publish material on this site, the copyright owner expressly permits reproduction. UNIMA Australia rejects responsibility for content including text, images, links or files, submitted by members that are subject to copyright violation or other forms of misuse.
UNIMA Australia can not guarantee that files available for downloading will be free of viruses, infections, worms, Trojan horses or any other code that may contaminate or have destructive properties. (We do our best to keep our computers infectious free)

Created 11 May 2010. This policy is subject to updates at any time.