Australian Puppeteer was the regular journal of UNIMA Australia and was replaced by UNIMA Oz digital journal.

Please enjoy browsing our online archive of Australian Puppeteer.

Spring 2000

UNIMA Executive Committee Reports
Building the Olympics
Magdeburg 2000
Puppets at NIDA
Surviving the TIPANIC
Thidon’s Wonders Part 2
Puppetry in Argentina
UNIMA Meeting Notes
Company Reports

Summer/ Autumn 2001

UNIMA Executive Committee Reports
The Novice and Serendipity- Puppet design
One Van Festival
Giovanni Bronzino
D’Arcs, Deaves and Diverse Divers- Puppet History
Argentinian Puppetry
Puppet Cottage
Wauchope Children’s Theatre Day

Winter/ Spring 2001

Puppet Profile- The Mess Ups
Puppet History – Mr Hollands Puppets
One Van Preview

Autumn 2002

National Puppetry Summit
Ask Dr Puppet
One Van Reviews
Scholarship Report
Warm Up Exercise
Puppet History- Giant Marionettes of Fred Davis
Handspan 1977-2002
Daylesford Children’s Festival

Winter 2002

Letters to Australian Puppeteer
Puppetry Summit Update
Dr Puppet
Polyglot Puppet Theatre
Ann Davis
Handspan Visual Theatre
Book Reviews
Show reviews
Warm Up exercises

Summer 2002- 2003

President’s Report
Strings and Things
National Puppetry Summit Summary
Puppet History
Warm Up Exercise
Jonquiere World Puppetry Festival Report

Autumn 2003

President’s Report
Scholarship announcement
World Puppetry Day
National Puppetry and Animatronics Summit Reports
State reports
Puppet History

Winter 2003

President’s Report
Handspan Scholarship news
Puppetry Politics and War Prelude
Moving to Oz
Puppet History
Warm Up Exercises
Dr Puppet

Spring 2003

President’s Report
Hilary’s Web
Puppets launched at the VCA
Postgraduate Diploma in Puppetry Course Outline
Walkaround Puppetry
Vietnamese Water Puppets of Hanoi
St Petersburg Puppet Theatre
Charleville Meziere Festival of Puppetry
The Lambert Puppet Theatre of Dublin
State News

Summer 2003-2004

President’s Report
Asia Pacific Report
Six months on the Road
On the road with Anita Beckman
Ask Dr Puppet
Puppet History
One Van Puppet Festival

Autumn 2004

Presidents Report
UNIMA 75th Anniversary
World Puppetry Day
David Hamilton in Melbourne
A Work in Progress
Wood Carving for Puppets
Puppet History
Workshop- Smiff’s Puppet’s Designs for a Walkabout Theatre
State reports

Winter 2004

President’s Report
Asia Pacific News
UNIMA Festival and Congress 2008
Puppetry in Focus Conference
One Van Festival 2005
Closure of The Rocks Puppet Cottage
Seoul Recollections
Puppets in Fiji
Teaching Puppet Making

Spring 2004

Massimo Schuster Profile
UNIMA’s new executive
VCA Course’s Flying Start
Australian Puppeteers overseas
Puppetry as Satire
Puppet History

Summer 04-05

A note from the President
Treasurer’s Chest
One Man’s Trash
UNIMA 2008
Murphy’s Puppets 2004
7th International One Van Festival and Conference
Puppet History
Asia Pacific Report

Issue 27 2005

Asia Pacific News
Profile- Nancy Black
Perth 2008 Update
Profile- Petr Matasek
Puppet History
Woodford Festival

Issue 28 2005

Treasurer Chest
UNIMA International Puppetry Festival
Genty at VCA 2006
Two new Puppetry Websites
Shadow Puppetry
How to make Giant Hairy Snails
Puppet History
We want to be Puppeteers Too!
Creative Development with Petr Matasek
One Muppet, One Voice
Asia Pacific Report

Issue 29 2005

National Puppetry Summit 2006
UNIMA 2008 Update
Reviews La Fontaine
25th Anniversary of Puppet Magazines 1981-2006.
Puppetry in Education
Neville Tranter’s Workshop in Silkeborg
Puppet History
Opening of UNIMA Swinburne LIbrary

Issue 30 2006

UNIMA 2008 Festival & Congress update
2nd National Puppetry Summit
Wombat Festival Reviews
Australian Venue at Charlesville
Asia Pacific Column
Puppet History
Forman’s Brother’s Theatre
International Puppet Carnival
“How to make gigantic hairy snails” photo essay by Bryan Woltjen

Issue 31 September 2006

Asia Pacific report
2nd National Summit in Hobart
Interview with Annie Forbes
Sue Wallace’s Churchill Scholarship
Interview with Angie Orrego
Puppet Trivia

Issue 32 January 2007

One Van 8th International Puppet Festival
Massimo Schuster- a profile
At home in Charleville-Mezieres
Landscapes Within- Working with Philippe Genty
Shadowplay in Iran
Walking with Giants
Puppet History- Australian Puppeteer in 1972
Puppet Rodeo in Kyogle

Issue 33 May 2007

UNIMA 2008 Congress & Festival
Million Puppet Project
Treasure Chest- Simon Bainbridge
Handspan Grant Report
Marionette Puppetry in Prague
Ronnie Burkett Masterclass
Puppet Palace at Adelaide Fringe
NEO Puppetry Festival

Issue 34 September 2007

President’s Report
UNIMA 2008 Update
Puppetry at the International Drama and Theatre Education Congress Hong Kong
Little Angel Theatre Revisited
Australian Hand Shadows in Pakistan
12 more giants in Tasmania
Northern Rivers Puppet Projects
Busy Year at Spare Parts
Puppet History

Issue 35 2008 Special Edition

Australia and Puppetry
Design & Making for Puppets
A Spotlight on Australian Styles
Broadening the Audience
Australian Puppetry the Horizon expands

Issue 36 August 2008

Norman Hetherington Honorary Member
UNIMA Australia Honours
Lorrie Gardner Scholarship 2008
Perth Congress 2008
Asia Pacific Report
Art Play Puppet Lab

Issue 37 February 2009

President’s Report
Handspan Visual Theatre Travel Grant
The Power of the Blog
Puppets @ Fed Square and Puppet Lab
Arts funding provides creative development opportunities for puppetry
On the Puppet Trail
Puppet History- a quiz
Puppetry at the Adelaide Fringe
A short history of Punch

Issue 38 June 2009

Regional Arts NSW Funding
Handspan Visual Theatre Travel Grant
A Year at the London School of Puppetry
Puppetry and the VCA
Puppet History- Hudoan Puppets
Six Months in Prague
Singapore International Festival for Children
Success in Bangladesh
Roll Camera
Puppets in Film
Taiwan and the Puppet & its Double Theatre
State of the Art
The Jeff Awards
Puppet Palace 2010
Billy Twinkle- Down Under

Issue 39 December 2009

President’s Report
Lorrie Gardner Scholarship
Creating Community Arts Projects?
Ray Barrett (1927-2009)
Exploring New Worlds
Puppet History
Czech Diary
Puppets Alive Exhibition
Spiders in Wang
State of the Art: WA
The Night Zoo
Royal de Luxe
Advice to the Aspiring Young Artist.

UNIMA Oz Special Edition 2014-2016

Noriki Nishimoto 1941-2016
Service and Making a difference
Character building at Murphy’s Puppets
Ethics and Puppetry
How do French thinkers and Artists perceive Bunraku
Women in Bunraku: A Short British study of Japanese Otome Bunraku
Provocation: What is a puppet?
Puppets and Passages
The London School of Puppetry
For the Love of an Orange
Going Beyond the Sock- the emergence of the Inner Puppeteer

Issue 1 2011

Cover of Issue 1, 2011 of Australian Puppeteer featuring Mr Squiggle puppet
Norman Hetherington 1921-2010
Little Angel Theatre
Bunk Puppets
Bali Agung
The Handspan Report
Prague Puppet Pilgimage
Joy of Puppetry for people with Dementia
Dr Puppet

Issue 42 2012

Tarrengower Puppet Festival
Reflections on Tarrengower
Our Darling Halcyon
Sarah Jones the weird Aunt
This wonderful moment we have together
War Horse comes to Australia
21st UNIMA World Congress
UNIMA Women’s Commission Awards