Australian Puppetry Guild

Established in 1969, the Australian Puppetry Guild was an organisation to promote the art of Puppetry in Australia with branches in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia. Click on the images below to read the meetings notices and annual reports.

1st Annual Report 1969
Reports from each state
Reports from Individuals
Model a wooden puppet head in 20 minutes (Caneite Method)
Simple Rod Puppets
News from overseas
1972 Annual Report
2nd Annual Report March 1971
Defining an Australian style
Moral responsibilities of the puppeteer
Tintookies 2000
Extracts from British UNIMA
Make a stuffed- soft body marionette
Reports from the states
Letter to NSW Members 1970/ 1971- outlining the beginnings of UNIMA Australia

3rd Annual Report 1971
Jan Bussell
Herr Denneberg
The Nutshell
Puppetry in Holland
New Zealand News
A Leprechaun in Kings Cross
Portable Puppet Stages
Reports from the states
Practical Hints
4th Annual Report 1972
Reports from the States
Australian Centre of UNIMA
Puppetry and Architecture
Notes on a World Tour of Puppetry
A letter from London
News from New Zealand
Churchill Fellowship Award for a Puppeteer
News from around Australia
5th Annual Report 1973
Reports from the states
Surfer’s Puppet Paradise
Frenchmen in our Midst
Three Continents Linked
Marionette Theatre of Australia
Special report- The Indonesian Wayang Play
6th Annual Report 1974
Congratulations Clovelly
Macquarie University Experiment
Puppets at College of Adult Education
A Puppeteer from Japan
Legend of HV Tozer
Practical Hints, Bruce Barry
Practical Hints, Graham Morley
Puppetry Festival in Hungary
Chrudim- Czech Republic
Strangled by Tape
For the Commercial Market
Newcastle News
Therapeutic use of Finger Puppets
The Nutshell
The Stringalongs
7th Annual Report 1975
The Pilgrim Puppet Theatre
From Albrecht Roser
Report on the Festival
Adult Puppetry
Writing Plays for Puppets
The Coad Canada Puppets
APG Logo
Practical Hints
Easy Polystyrene Puppet
Rapid Robust Heads
A Personal Approach
The Nutshell
8th Annual Report 1976
Moscow Festival Thoughts
The Good Soldier Schwejk
Puppets in Fiji
Puppets in the Park
Granny up the Glacier
Japanese Experience
A Rod Puppet to Make
Puppets and People
Ethnic Groups
Moscow Sketchbook
Notes from Abroad
Puppets from Junk
Puppets at NSW Uni
The Nutshell

9th Annual Report 1977
Polygot Puppets
Edith- An Appreciation
Roundup of Puppetry News
Stage Dream
Notes on the Puppet People
A Shadow Puppet Theatre in Japan
A Space Pet and Poem
Mildura Puppet Centre
Puppet Opera in NZ
10th Annual Report 1978
Puppets are Collectable
The Nutshell
Gardner Puppet Theatre
Lee- the man behind
Patron Saint
Hot Wire Cutter
UNIMA Report
On with the show
11th Annual Report 1979 + 1980
Historical Miniatures
Hobart International Puppet Festival
Queensland Festival of Puppetry
Puppets in India
NSW Mini-Fest “From Workshop to Performance”
Karagosis Migrates
Junk Puppets from recycled materials
Reports from the states

Meeting notice of the Australian Puppetry Guild 1980
12th Annual Report 1981
International Year of the Disabled
Events of 1981
Vale Lotte
Read all about it
QTOP Report
Puppet Round Up
State Reports
13th Annual Report 1982
Puppetfolk Australia
Paperbag Theatre
Jolie Puppets
This was 1982
Q’TOP with the Puppet Stars
Report from the States

Manipulation Magazine

Issue 1

The Organ Speaks
Gig Guide

Number 2 July 1980

Actor’s Equity
Meeting Report
Puppet Company Reports
Gig Guide
AGM Notice

Number 3

Puppet Company Reports
Edith Murray- the Film
Professional Learning Opportunities

Number 4

The Death of a Theatre
Interview- Anita Sinclair
Review- The Magic Pudding
Washington Festival Report
Puppet Company Reports

February 1981

Processional Puppets
Puppet Company Reports
Annie Reitman- Animate Objects Theatre

April 1981

Puppet Company Reports
Puppetzentum National Tour
Reflections on Australian Puppetry by an Outside eye
Interview with Paper Bag Theatre
Notes of a lecture given by the Cast of Momma’s Little Horror Show

June 1981

Word from the workshop- Glues
Puppet Company News
Puppets of India by Richard Bradshaw
Review- The Angler Fish Ballet
Multimedia and Puppetry
Review- Switch Over
Review- Jungle Puppets
Lotte Reiniger Remembered

August 1981

Puppet Company News
Manipulation Reality- Puppets and masks at the Performing Arts Museum in Victoria
Interview- Ross Hill Puppet Maker

October 1981

Gig Guide
Puppet Festival 1983 Announcement
Puppet Company News
General Macarthur in Australia- MTA
Guild News from Queensland

1982 Calendar

February 1982

Festival news
Australian Puppet Theatre’s Momma- Europe Tour Photos
Children’s Theatre Festival Photo Essay
Review- Great Muppet Caper
Review- Stuffed Puppets new one-man show
Word from Another Workshop- More on Glue
Gig Guide

May 1982

Vale Morna Jones
UNIMA Replies
International Puppet news
Working the Adelaide Festival- Peter J Wilson
Gig Guide
1983 Festival News
Black Theatre production
New Books

August 1982

UNIMA Projects
Australian International Puppet Festival News
Puppets on Stilts- The Parliamentary Men
Profile- Elizabeth Paterson
Puppet Company News
Gig Guide

November 1982

What’s On Guide
Puppet Company News
Review- Talkin’ in New York
Review- Black Theatre Wonderland
Festival report- Le Plus Grand Festival 1982

January 1983

Festival ’75, ’79, ’83
3 month scenography course- France
Punch & Judy Photo essay
Report on technique workshops with Noriko Nishimoto
Sri Lankan Puppeteer- Gamini Wijesuriya
What’s On

1983 Festival Guide

Listing of all the performances,
Map of the Festival

May 1983

Letters to the Editor
Puppet Company News
Overseas News
Interview with Jim Henson
Review of the Dark Crystal
Photo essay of the Adelaide International Puppet Festival
Written report on the Adelaide International Puppet Festival

December 1983

Film and TV news
Q’Top’s Year
Playwright’s Workshop
International News
A’s First Production
Handspan’s Year
Jika Jika’s “Platypus Phil”
Handling toxic materials
Spare Parts Year
“The Ant, the Universe, and Einstein”
Australia Council Funding Figures
Wayang Festival

May 1984

Letters to the Editor
Profile- Gardner Puppet Theatre
Profile- Murphy’s Puppets
Profile- Jeral’s Puppets
Profile- Jolie Puppets
Profile- Ross Browning
Profile- Puppetfolk Australia
Profile- Feathered Octopus Multimedia Puppet Theatre
Profile- Maeve Vella
News- Television series- The Maestro’s Company
Review- The Happy Prince
Review- Philippe Genty

September 1984

Letters to the Editor
Profile- Ross Brown Puppeteer and Puppet Builder
Review- Rapunzel in Suburbia
The Ghetto Mentality- the financial viability of the puppet theatre and the building of audiences
Overview of two Wayang Kuilt performances
The Workings of Handspan
In the workshop- making a simple spot light.

July 1985

Joining Manipulation to UNIMA What’s On Festivals 1986 Company news New Zealand Puppet Theatre Bread and Puppet Theatre London Puppet Theatre UNIMA News

October 1985

October 1985
Letters Classifieds News Equity Rates of Pay Reviews WHS news- Theatrical Smoke and Fog Clippings State News UNIMA News

October 1986

News Reviews Training Spare Parts New Zealand News Mechanisms Galanty Shows Michael Creighton Edith C Murray Phillippe Gentry Art Hazards Summer School

December 1985

Letters What’s On News Black Theatre expert’s visit Theatre Board Grants Interview with Phillippe Genty Workshops report New training course in USA UNIMA news Reviews

March 1986

Letters Noticeboard What’s On Reviews The Chinese Project National Puppetry Forum NSW Guild 1985 Report

November 1987

Editorial Handspan turns 10 Marionette Theatre of Australia News The Professor Puppet Company news Puppet Guild news Fate of the Puppetry Institute Australian Film Television and Radio School Puppetry Workshop Report NSW Puppeteers sub-committee of Actors Equity report Reviews Noticeboard Announcements Dragons, Madness, torture, shame and Tears Puppets in Education

Festival Edition 1988

Artistic Director’s Report Master class reports on Jowef Krofta, Eric Bass, Phillippe Genty, Kermit Love Reviews Photo Album UNIMA Report Terrapin Report Spare Parts Report Australian Puppetry Guild Report Suggestions Self Standing Puppet

March 1989

Editorial Profile Polyglot Puppet Theatre Cho Cho San in China Writing for Puppetry State news National news UNIMA news International news Charleville Meziere Festival Situation of puppetry in Thailand Reviews Letters

Spring 1989

Obituary- Beverley Campbell Jackson Company Happenings TV/ Film news Mr Squiggle’s 30th Birthday Profile Noriko Nishimoto UNIMA News International News Reviews Puppetry in Education Puppetry UK Style Letters

Winter 1990

Editorial Obituary- Jim Henson
Genty Masterclass
Company Reports
Reviews Learning in Japan
Pekan Wayang Indonesian 5th Tahun 1990 Playwrights conference Tintookies Came to town International Puppet Festivals 1990 Making UNIMA user friendly
Puppet Script Paperbag Funding

Summer 1991

An Auction of Puppets
Ross Hill
Puppetry in Schools
Puppets cause riot
Opera Ballet Puppets
Peking Puppet Theatre
Vietnamese Water Puppets
Company Reports

Winter 1991

Editorial Lift Off Royal Commission Letters Articles Company Reports Classifieds

Special Edition 1992

Editorial Features Company Reports Individual Reports State of the Nation Survey Results Industry news Reviews International news


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