As a member of UNIMA Australia, you will be:
• Connected to our puppetry network in Australia and abroad
• Invited to puppetry networking events throughout the year
• Receive the UNIMA Oz online magazine and other UNIMA publications
• Receive member discounts to workshops
• Privy to exciting puppetry job opportunities
• Eligible for UNIMA Australia scholarships
• Invited to submit news, articles and reviews for publications and share your comments and views with our puppetry community.

Membership costs per year (As of August 21, 2022):
Individual $50

Couple $70

Company $100

Student/Concession $30 (with a copy of concession or student ID card sent to the Membership Secretary)

To join or renew, please fill out and return this membership form- UNIMA Australia Membership Application form

Or Contact our Membership Secretary, Katherine Hannaford, via our Contact form.

When joining UNIMA Australia, members will be required to confirm they agree with our purposes and rules for the organisation, which you can see below:

Purposes of UNIMA Australia

The purposes of the association are—

(1) To further the knowledge and foster the Art of Puppetry.

(2) To establish contacts between puppeteers here and abroad.

(3) To co-operate with other organisations, institutions or individuals in Australia and overseas, where such cooperation may advance the development of Puppetry, in accordance with the statutes of UNIMA. UNIMA Australia Incorporated shall be a non-profit organisation. Its funds shall be used, according to the statues of UNIMA, to benefit the cause of puppetry and for local administration expenses.

You can view the Rules for UNIMA Australia here.